Business Details


How do I contact you?

Please use the contact form on the website

What are your business hours?

I am a work at home mom of two, so my hours are all over the place. I am online most of the day and quick to respond to questions and emails

I prefer the phone, can I call you?

As a mom with two little ones at home, it really helps me to do everything online. That way I can multi-task. I am not sure what it is about phone,  as soon as I get on it my kids are like a magnet to the phone and want to say hi repeatedly to the client, so I really prefer email.

How did you do XYZ?

Check out the information in the tutorial section, and if you are asking about a specific party I give detailed instructions of how I did each table set up and where I purchased the items along with food/games/activity ideas for each party that is available to be purchased in the shop.

What type of payment do you take?

We use PayPal and you are able to pay with credit card, debit card or checking account

What is your turnaround time?

Printable collections- Within 3 business days

Assembled collections- Items mailed within 7-10 days

Do you offer a rush service?

Yes, if you are in a rush you can purchase a $10 rush service.

Printable- a 24 hr. turnaround time

Assembled- a 48 hr. turnaround time

Do you feature parties?

We love to feature parties, please use the contact guide at the top and while we cannot make any promises we look to feature 3-5 parties a month!

Do you do any custom work?

We offer a very limited amount of packages a month that can be customized to your theme. These packages are available to purchase a $10 fee and again, it is very limited.

Can I buy your printable collections and resell them?

Absolutely not, all rights reserved with Print The Party.

I own a business and interested in carrying your invitations in my store, do you offer that?

Yes we have several companies that we have provided assembled collections or printable collections for. They are customized to your business; please use the contact to inquire

I am interested in being a Sweet Sponsor for your next party-styled shoot, what do I do?

Use the contact form and make sure to include your shop details. If we are a good fit, we will be in touch!

I am interested in advertising with you, doing a giveaway, or being the featured business of the week, what do I do?

If you are interested in advertising just click on advertise and fill out the form and we will be in touch, if you are wanting to host a giveaway or interested in having us check you out for the featured business of the week please fill out the contact form! We will be in touch!

Ordering Details

Do you offer just printable collections or printable and assembled?

Click on the shop icon and it will take you to our shop!

Why do you offer printable and assembled? Why not just stick to one?

I like to have choices and I like to make my customers happy. We have done assembled collections for 2+ years and we are asked daily for printable collections. So we have made the move, some like printable but some prefer assembled and vise-versa. We believe you should have a choice!

Do you personalize the items?

Yes we do!

What happens after I order?

Once we receive the order, we begin are customization process. Once finished we deliver the customized PDF file to your email address. You then can choose if you want to print at home or send to a print shop to print. Once you have the printed collection you simple Print, Cut, Celebrate!

If your item is being assembled or shipped you will receive an order confirmation from us, if a proof is given we will provide that within 48 hrs and ship within the time stated on purchase.

How long does it take?

We run 3 business days on printable files, we offer a rush fee for $10 if needed which is a 24hr turnaround

On Assembled we run 7-10 days and offer a $10 rush fee if needed for a 48 hour turnaround


Can I get a proof before I order?

Unfortunately, we only send proof’s once payment is received.   If there are mistakes or changes that need to be made we offer 2 changes.

On Assembled Invitations, we do send out a proof within 48 hours of purchased.


Are your printable collections editable?

No they are not, Once personalized they are in a non-editable PDF and copyrighted to Print The Party.


Can I share my Printable collections?

No, they are for personal use only and cannot be shared.


Can you add text to my food labels?

Yes, we charge $5 for the first sheet with text added and $3 per additional sheet needed with text.


Can I change colors on a party collection?

Yes, we do charge $7 for a custom color change.

We have a color chart of the colors you can use.

That includes the entire collection.


Can I change the font on a party collection?

Yes, please see the font chart. You are welcome to choose any of those fonts and $7 custom font change will apply. That includes the entire collection.

Oops there is a mistake on my collection, now what!?

On Printable collections if there is a mistake and it is our fault we will apologize profusely and get it updated and sent right back over. If it is an error on your part we offer 2 proof changes and after that an additional fee is involved


On Assembled collections, I have yet to have this happen as for invitations we send proofs. If for some reason we do make a mistake, we always make it up to you!


I am having a joint party; can I add more than 1 child?

Yes, we can add additional children to the package we do charge a fee of $7 to do so and you can add up to 3 children for that price.


I want to create the exact look of your party table, how can I do that?

  I get asked a lot for my opinions/ideas on specific themes and I have created a “How to create the ultimate party” pdf available for each theme for only $7. I tell in detail how we created the tablescape, where we purchased just about everything you see on the table and in addition I give suggestion for food/games and activities


How do I assemble to collections?

Each sheet offers instructions on assembly for that item. If you need additional instruction and want to know my opinions on theme’s and food/backdrop/game/activity ideas I have a “How to create the ultimate party” pdf available for each theme for only $7 and I give a lot of fun ideas in there customized to that theme!


I don’t want to purchase the entire package, can I purchase ala carte?

Yes we offer our items ala carte, although you do receive a discount when purchasing the entire package!

Do you ever have coupon codes?

We do offer them occasionally; the best place to find them is on our Facebook page or to sign up for our newsletter (hint, hint!)


I love a certain picture but it needs to be edited, do you do that?

Yes we offer editing for $7 this would include taking a photo and editing any details that needed to be edited just like a photographer does. If you prefer your photo to be black/white we offer that as well for the fee. We do not charge for cropping photos


What size are the pages sent to me?

8.5X11 in pdf format


What paper do you recommend to print on?

We recommend bright white cardstock. Most printers will take 80lb white cardstock which works perfectly!


What sizes are the invitations/thank you’s?

We default to a 5X7, if you want a 4X6 please let us know at checkout


How many times can I print my printable file?

As many times as you want! It is for your personal use so as long as you are printing for you, you are welcome to print it as much as you need!


If there is something we missed, or if you have a comment, concern or question do not hesitate to contact us!